The Teacher's Guide to Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning for the 21st Century BUCK Institute
Click tools for great planning forms, rubrics, project essential checklists, reflections, and much more. There are great projects that can be searched by subject and grade level.

Questions to get students tuned in - taking action
Components to the IB program
A rubric from traditional to inquiry
Big ideas instead of topics
Connecting verbs for central idea
A checklist that will help guide the unit of inquiry
A student reflection sheet for the end of unit
Defines the transdisciplinary skills
Self reflection for the learner profile attributes
A list of questions to guide inquiry planning
Behavior management form

Key concept posters with photograph (vertical)
Show concepts being focused on IB board
Key concept posters with photograph (horizontal)

Attitude posters with photograph and quote
Attitudes with famous faces

Learner Profile:
Attributes with famous faces
Colorful learner profile with speech bubble
Learner profile with faces and description
Chant for each Learner Profile attribute
Learner profile song sung to Farmer and the Dell
Daily communication on learner profile (editable)
Learner profile posters with animal photographs
Learner profile half sheets with photographs
Memory game defining learner profile vocabulary
Learner Profile I can statements in English/Spanish
Computer lab Learner Profile

Ideas for student portfolios
Simple reflection
Reflection on unit with IB attitude and learner profile

IB Reflection for OK Portfolios