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‘Project-based learning’ refers to students designing, planning, and carrying out an extended project that produces a publicly-exhibited output such as a product, publication, or presentation.


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What does an inquiry based classroom look like?

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The Teacher's Guide to Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning for the 21st Century BUCK Institute
Create and account. Click tools for great planning forms, rubrics, project essential checklists, reflections, and much more. There are great projects that can be searched b subject and grade level.

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Watch, practice and learn for free. Think about videos and activities we can create to have students teaching students.

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DISCUSSION Which IB Attitudes does this encompass?

Non Fiction: ATrue Story- A short film about curiosity, determination, and more!

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DISCUSSION: Our World: Where are we headed? What will the future look like? What does the rest of the world look like?